May 3

Blog 10

My experience in the make a difference project was very enjoyable. I got to help spread knowledge and introduce people to a way of life that is beneficial to all. It’s not as direct as volunteering to be with juveniles or counseling kids ; but I believe it is more effective. While I talked to people who were unfamiliar the lifestyle and art people would talk about their lives and difficulties in childhood. Many of them were inspired by the older generation of hiphop telling their stories and about how they connect with it and the way it changed their lives. It was really great to see younger people come and learn about hiphop besides what they see on T.V. If I had to choose a favorite part of my volunteer work it would listening to the Professor’s speak about what it means to be a part of hiphop because I can tell it was an important for a lot of the younger kids because a lot people feel a strong need to fit in or be a part of a group and this way they would be building skills and enjoying themselves instead of going to the neighborhood gang and joining them. I got to expand my knowledge while at the same time enjoying spreading positive messages to the community

April 19

Blog post 9

When you’re at the store shopping for your food and products the items you buy seem so essential and harmless that you never stop to think how it got there. The price of our luxury has always been other animals pain and suffering. Living and sentient beings put through tortuous and unethical treatment. Companies would like you to believe that they treat their animals are treated humanely to try and appease the masses. However with new video footage, documents and testimony the ugly truth is starting to come out. So what exactly is the cost of a hamburger, certain cosmetics , and clothing? What does it take to get the amenities that we enjoy in everyday life and is it worth the pain?

April 19

Blog post 8

topic:  Animal cruelty in industries

Main Idea: the pain and suffering Animal go through

Thesis:  many industries expose animals to crual and inhumane conditions and practices.  The reasoning behind their actions is a weak one that allows them to slide around spending time and money to insure animals receive proper treatment and livelyhood.

Purpose: the objective of my essay is to mainly inform the reader of what takes places while also voicing my opinion on it.

April 19

Blog post 7

I’m thinking of writing about oppressive governments and leaders. If you look at many oppressive governments they always began being seen as heroes and for the people. It’s not until their in power that they begin to oppress their people and citizens. So if you look at the similarities could you call a the U.S an oppressive country? Are they simply doing in a way that makes it hard to detect? This what I hope to find out by researching it.

April 19

Blog post 5


Racist or realist?

The Grammys were set ablaze by Kendrick lamars now contravesial politically charged performance.  From black prisoners breaking free to tribal African dances it was certainly a debate that sparked a lot of varied reactions.  While many praised him for the performance some took to calling him a racist.  I personally am quite confused as to how his performance is racist in any shape or form. He started off the performance with ‘hiipower’ rapping about the injustice black men suffer at the hands of the justice system and broken system that keeps them going in and out. He then switched over to the uplifting song ‘alright’ while dancers in African tribal clothes with a image of Africa in the background.  So my question is where is the controversy? To those who called him racist I ask ” where is the racism in having pride in your heritage and bringing social issues on the stage? He didn’t rap about how blacks  superior or that white people are the enemy. If anything he simply talked about a issue that has been a constant in U.S history. If you ask me some people were quick to call racism simply to defend their lack of concern about the issue because it doesn’t affect them. It’s honestly quite eye opening to see that trump who has made prejudice and racist comments about Muslims, Mexicans and blacks ; yet instead of everyone being appalled by him many praise him for ” speaking his mind” and ” being dedicated to making America great”. Seeing as America history is full of discrimination and mistreatment of various races and backgrounds any talk of ‘ the old America’ should be a terrifying notion.  Kendrick performance should be seen as a great way to spread awareness yet you can see simply from the crowds reaction that most talk of ” black empowerment ” is seen as racism yet police are still able to kill and beat citizens and be defended by many. I’m personally glad that people have come out to speak against his performance it simply exposes all the people who are content to let the system run the way it does with no consequences or accountability for its actions.

February 18

Blog #4

A large injustice that’s becoming more and more prominent in america is the discrimination and prejudice against islam and it’s practitioners. In this article they interviewed several american muslims about their experiences with discrimination.  Spanning from young muslim women to. Grown muslim families they’ve all had a brush with prejudice and suspicion.

The first speaker Alia Sharrief is a african american hip hop artist as well as a Muslim. She gives her account of being watched and stared at for her style dressing containing a traditional muslim hijab. A young woman, school teacher and rapper she’s a woman of many talents but has to deal with fear and hate towards muslims that she says has only increased after the infamous san Bernardinoshootings. She also details about how she has to deal with prejudice for being black on top her religion.

Madiha Khan knew she would run into some issues being a muslim at historically conservative Christian school. A student at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Liberty University she’s had a fairly good relationship with her classmates despite knowing only six other muslims at the school. She was managing to enlighten some of her christian classmates who were curious about islam and the similarity to Christianity. However those efforts were made in vain after the san Bernardino shootings. “I always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walk in and kill” these were the words said by Jerry Falwell Jr during a school ceremony. Statements like and thoughts of this nature are whats driving a wedge between americans and muslims. The rest of the artical deals with muslim families amd the things they’ve experienced. One family while burying a fellow muslims had a group of white men in a pick up truck fire off shots in the air and yell ” fuck you rag heads” . For the sake of keeping this a civil post I’m not gonna state what kinda men I would classify them as or words I would use to describe them. I will however say that bigots and hypocrites are two things that I hate. Those men displayed both by first discriminating against a family for their faith. Secondly by using guns and fear to terrorize them which is the very thing many anti-islam thinkers accuse muslims of.  Things have only gotten worse since donald trump announced his presidential bid and started his racist and prejudice fueled war on mexican immigrants, china and muslims in general. When people start saying that we should bomb entire countries to get rid of a group that doesn’t make up even 2% of it’s population then we have a serious problem. Even more troubling is that after a poll it was revealed that 41% of trump supporters and 30% of republicans would approve of bombing agrabah. For those who are not aware agrabah is not a real place , it is the fictional city from the disney movie Aladdin. When people are willing to bomb disney cities they never heard of you know we’re in serious trouble.

February 18


This may be a bold statement depending on the person you ask and their personal experience with the police or judicial system. I had the displeasure of experiencing them both up close. This essay will be based off my personal experiences.

Has the black community come together to help stop this ongoing abuse. In my personal opinion no. The black community doesn’t have the strong leadership we had in the sixties and seventies.Poor men are the most frequent victims of police abuse; they experience both real and perceived harassment by the police. Most police abuse is never reported. Why you may ask? If police are getting off killing people what punishment would they get for an illegal search or a blow to the stomach or head. It would be your word against theirs.

February 18

In my life I’ve seen and experienced mistreatment or  injustice at the hands of corrupt law enforcement . my narritive will detail the experience that my family and I have went through with the police in Los Angeles.

February 18

Blog #1

My goals for this class is to be able to write at a higher level .What makes a good successful student? Well to me there are really three key things you need to be a successful student. The first thing necessary is a good work ethic if you don’t work then you won’t pass. Secondly, another important thing to be organized. It makes things a lot easier to have things organized to know where your work is. Lastly and potentially most important is planning. If you take time to plan out how and when you’re gonna do assignments then that will lead to a much lower chance of falling behind.