Chasing Search Engines I

I am chasing search engines. This was not as easy as I thought. Conventional wisdom has it that there are only two search engines left. I am the only fool that does not believe in conventional wisdom, and conventional wisdom is half right. When it comes to conventional searching there are three players:

Yahoo (formerly AltaVista)

But there are also privacy enhanced search engines such as and Start Page, visual search engines galore, and one can even consider Wolfram Alpha a search engine for mathematics.

This project does not seem like bad work when you can get it. The main difficulty is that most search engine articles are old. They date from before the conventional wisdom took effect, which means they are full of dead links. A lot of search engines did not survive. That is kind of sad, and some of the ones out there are ghosts. They don’t deliver on-target results or current news. That kind of the "kiss of death." and I’ve been doing a lot of kissing lately. The result though is a long and text heavy but much better (Hey, all the links work!) page.

It still needs some work, but you can watch my progress. I’ll be sad to leave this project. It started off as a routine page move and ended up a major revision. I think I’ve learned a lot, and I still have a bit more to learn.

Still Testing.

This is not html. This is only pretending to be html. This is just another test post. This thinks it is going to be my personal professional web site. We’ll see what it turns into.

And here is a remotely loaded image.

A green quilt square used for testing everything

That is all for now or so I thought. Now that I have a theme I like, I really am going to be moving in here. Thank you to Allan Who? for creating 72 Class which I seriously modified. I am thinking of a big charm bracelet for the side and top illustrations. They have empty space for adding more graphics with GIMP. GIMP by the way is "Beyond Trust" so any one at GPC can use it.

A New Beginning.

This is your typical test post. It does not have much to say. I need to develop a really good theme for this, a theme better than what any one has, a theme to end all themes. A theme that is me, and still really professional.

This is going to be fun. Let the fun begin.