Behind the Stuff


Name: Eileen H . Kramer
Position: Instructional Design Librarian
Room #: Clarkston Library 2121
Phone #:678-891-3637
Email: ekramer at

This is who I am as much as who I am is how to get in touch with me. I love working the reference desk, and I am the go-to person for Microsoft Office. I am the person who delivers the bad news when computers go down or students haven’t saved their files. I enjoy understanding how software works, and think Windows 10 is the best thing since sliced brfead…really.

I am fearful for my privacy and encourage users to try, privacy enhanced Google, and be careful conducting any financial transactions from their Smartphones.

I can remember when “the cloud” was called “remotely hosted,” a synonym for unreliable. I enjoy reading Slashdot, and I review natural history and biology books for Library Journal.

I haven’t lost my curiosity about the future or my faith in technology even if my optimism has tarnished with age.

November 10, 2016

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