2 Cell Phone Calculators

Would you like a nice scientific calculator for your Android phone? I have two I can recommend.

Now what am I doing recommending calculators? Well, I’m not a mathematician but I had eight credits of calculus in college. True, I did come up in the days before graphing calculators were people’s right hands, but that said, I can judge if a calculator figures, if I can find and use the keys, and if it is full of annoying advertising or will wreck your phone. I can also tell if a calculator uses a lot of cache, something important because my Blu phone is not particularly long on space.

Now let’s have the usual disclaimer. I am writing this as me, and not as Perimeter College at Georgia State University. My views are my own. They may be reasonable but they are my own. Also, I have an Android clone for a phone so I can’t test anything on Apple products.

NRT Scientific CalculatorThe NRT Scientific Calculator looks like what you expect, except on an Android phone, big keys and the ability to easily switch to secondary functions is prized. It uses less than 10kb cache most sessions and has no advertising! It is my second favorite cell phone only because…

Scientific Software Scientific CalculatorI like the
Scientific Software Scientific Calculator better. I think it is the big button and that it uses the Pi symbol instead of the word. It too is easy on cache and advertising free.

And of course, neither calculator will trash your cell phone.

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