RSS in Facebook — What is left I

That is one very good question. There was so little out there that worked on Facebook that I took the rss widget page of Making the MOst of Web 2.0 and either deleted or hid it. That was more than a year ago. I figured I’d go back and update everything.

I was sure I would find nothing good, and for a while that was just what I found. It does not help matters that Facebook was deceptive. There are tons of links to RSS apps, some of which promise to let you import feeds into your page. That would be fantastic if it were real. Facebook even lists tens to thousands of active users a month for these. Alas, Facebok’s definition of an active user is someone who hasn’t removed the app. I am listed as an active user of quite a few nonfunctional apps.

Now ask me how I found out that these apps were nonfunctional? The answer is simple, I tried them. I had better luck with some than others. Some just timed out. Others gave error messages. Quite a few gave a kind of white screen of death.

Lots of RSS apps on Facebook

Goodbey RSS graffiti
Other RSS feeds had very, clever goodbye messages like RSS Graffiti, the most popular RSS app on Facebook. Now I knew I should give up here, but there was a next step. After all as one of my goals, this deserved a bit of persistence. The next step was to see what static html apps still worked on my Facebook Page. It is very useful to have a Facebook page sometimes. Anyone can get one. I have mine.

And my ML Static Tab from Woobox was still working. Only all the widges were gone. Well that made sense. Widgetbox was out of business. I needed a new source of widgets that were Facebook friendly, and I found them at I now have three working RSS feeds, though I can’t access the content, since the New York Times’ paywall has locked me out until June. Oh well, that’s why we have LexisNexis and my Facebook feed. I hope links pasted into my feed are free.

Here are the tabs leading to four RSS feedsAnd here is the finished product. Of course, there are big questions where this leads. HTML competence is kind of useful if not a must for doing this kind of work. It’s a lot of work to set up feed boxes and a page. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time in Facebook, well, this might not be a bad idea. These days Facebook has a trending thing on the side of the page. It makes me feel like I live in another planet. I’m not sure if they have news for people like me.

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