Math 0987 and Math 0989

Math 0987 and 0989 Course Descriptions

MATH 0987 (Non-STEM Majors)
This is the first course in a year-long pathway leading to MATH 0997 and MATH 1001 in the second semester. This course is designed to prepare non-STEM major students for Math 1001 Quantitative Reasoning. Topics will include: signed number arithmetic, linear equations, problem solving involving linear equations as models, graphing linear equations in two variables, writing equations of lines, selected geometry concepts, and calculator usage. Placement in this course is based on your COMPASS/ACCUPLACER Math test scores.

Math 0989 (STEM and Business Majors)
This is the first course in a year-long pathway leading to MATH 0999 and MATH 1111 in the second semester. This course is designed to prepare STEM major students for Math 1111 College Algebra. Topics will include: real number concepts, signed number arithmetic, selected geometry concepts, linear equations and inequalities in one variable, problem solving involving linear equations as models, operations on polynomials, factoring polynomials, solving rational equations, graphing linear equations in two variables, writing equations of lines, integer and rational exponents, systems of equations in two variables, and calculator usage. Placement in this course is based on your COMPASS/ACCUPLACER Math test scores.

Before you Register for this course

  • Understand that you are responsible for managing your time and staying up with the work.
  • There are weekly deadlines and assignments that must be completed.
  • You should expect to spend anywhere from 8 to 12 hours each week on the course.
  • You are required to come to campus or an approved testing location near you for two exams – the midterm and final.
  • The work you complete should be your own and should not come from another person, website, or other source.

Associated Costs for the Class

  • 18 week ALEKS-360 code (The code gives you access to an eBook though you may purchase a hard copy of the book if you prefer.)
  • TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator
  • Note: If you take the proctored exams at a non-Perimeter College location, you may have to pay a fee.

How does Math 0987 and 0989 online work?
When you first log into ALEKS, you will be given an initial knowledge check that will determine which of the 200 topics in the course you already know and which ones you do not know. Based on the initial assessment, you will be given an individualized learning path to complete through the semester. The learning path is given to you in the form of an ALEKS pie. The ALEKS pie is subdivided into ten (10) modules. Each module has a due date. Completing a module is equivalent to completing the topics in sections of a textbook. Topics are released to you provided you have met the necessary prerequisites to complete the topic.

There are three scheduled knowledge checks that you must complete. These assessments measure what topics in the pie you have mastered and can show you how your knowledge continues to grow throughout the semester. In addition to scheduled knowledge checks, ALEKS periodically gives you automatic knowledge checks based on the number of topics you have completed and/or the number of hours you have logged into the system.

You can complete your work in ALEKS from your home computer or any computer with Internet access. ALEKS is compatible with Windows based machines, MACs, Ipad’s, and Android tablets.

In addition to completing the topics in the ALEKS pie, the ALEKS knowledge checks, the midterm, and the final, students are also required to complete worksheets using the Assignment tool in iCollege as well as post to a weekly discussion board.

How is the course set up?
The course has 2 components: An iCollege component and an ALEKS component.

  1. iCollege includes email, discussion boards, live classrooms and other materials. Supplementary materials (e.g., video files, worksheets, problem sets, study guides) are also available in iCollege. Familiarize yourself with iCollege by completing the student orientation and making sure you have the necessary plug-ins on your computer.
  2. The ALEKS component is where you will perform most of your work. Review ALEKS Information for Students to learn what you ALEKS is all about. In ALEKS, you will have access to the ebook (Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, Hendricks-Chow, 1st edition, McGraw-Hill Publishing), lecture videos, exercise videos, and troubleshooting common errors videos.
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