I’m an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Georgia Perimeter College (GPC), where I’ve taught since 2004.  Currently my courses include SOCI 1101: Introduction to Sociology (Dunwoody campus, Online full-term, and Online first-half term) and SOCI 1160: Introduction to Social Problems. In addition to providing an overview of sociology and social problems, my courses emphasize critical thinking, theory, and research.

My research interests center on work and employment. My current project focuses on how labor markets have been affected by the emergence of internet-based hiring mechanisms such as job boards and social networking site. In particular, I’m conducting in-depth interviews with employers to see how they decide which hiring tools to use for different types of jobs. I also have an emerging second line of research in the sociology of health, focusing at present on how people perceive and evaluate strategies to improve health outcomes.

This is a very new blog; a CV and course information are on the way!